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Allow yourself time to reconnect with your body and soul

We are the answer to organize your retreat, for small private groups or bigger. The information shared before your arrival and during your first consultation will be used to determine the objectives you wish to work on. These selections are flexible and always open to change. By choosing from our vast offering of treatments, consultations and wellbeing activities, our experts create a personalized daily itinerary that works towards achieving these objectives.

A busy worklife, turbulent love attachments, marriage and kids or in a crossroad moment… you feel not capable to make a decision or need a break to find clarity.

Plan a getaway with Vitamine Sea to rejuvenate, relax and connect with others conscious and friendly people on the road.

Our contemporary vision of well-being treatments will lead you to various activities like : deep relaxation, yoga, ayurveda program, healing treatments, outdoor activities, herbal remedies, coaching guidance… In a sustainable house surround by a beautiful environment.

Woooowww… So when does it start ?

Email us and book a trip with Vitamine Sea for you, you and your friends, you and your lover…

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Dates are flexible and last minute booking is possible – 4, 7 or 10, 14 days retreat.
You book your flight and we will take care of the rest.

Sample accommodation, Bali – Ubud


Your Retreat Curator

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Do cats really have 9 lifes ? “Well, I must be one of them, because i have lived so many lifes already – changed careers, cities, countries and challenged myself in the pursuit of following my dream.”

Her career had different incarnation : Fashion Buyer in Paris and Milan, teached yoga in exotic places like Thailand, settled down to Hong Kong for 2 years and worked in Interior Design and Fashion, and now recently relocated in Portugal.

She is a nature lover, wanderlust traveler, artist and eternal spiritual and yoga student, who is engaged in different social and environmental movement projects, that you can follow.

In her life she has experienced profound personal and professional transformation, associated with various training and studies of traditional and modern healing technics in different places. She holds 300hr YTT in Yoga and Ayurveda from the American institute of Vedic studies founded by dr Frawley.

All of this makes Sophie an excellent curator and guide during your retreat, as you will benefit from her expertise and knowledge. Last but not least she will make sure to couple it with exciting outdoor activities and a large dose of fun…


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